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PavePad 90

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The PavePad 90 is one of a range of stackable paving supports which makes it easy and quick to establish a fully levelled paved or timber deck surface on most types of flat roofs or balconies.

With the PavePad 90 you can counteract the roof fall and obtain a level surface to the slabs or decking. The 180mm diameter reduces the impact of point loading particularly on an insulated warm roof system.

The PavePad 90 is designed to allow consistent 5mm gaps between slabs for rapid run off of rain water with the PavePad itself being self-draining ensuring that no stale water remains which could create smells.

The PavePads come in 4 different heights which can be combined and stacked to get the correct height. Fine adjustments are made with the 1.5mm shim.

Due to the versatility of the PavePads you can achieve a considerable reduction of man hours in the process of laying out and levelling roof terraces.

PavePad 90 features:

  • Large load spread capability
  • Protects the roofing membrane against UV radiation and direct wear and tear
  • Drains the surface ensuring no puddles
  • The slabs can be adjusted to horizontal, to counteract the built in roof fall
  • Enables the possibility of removing the paviours, should inspection of the membrane be necessary
  • Stackable to 200mm high dependent on substance

PavePad 90 Technical Specifications:

  • Height of pad: 90mm
  • Width of tabs: 5mm
  • Height of tabs: 15mm
  • Diameter: 180mm
  • Surface support area: 22,000 mm2
  • Max. load capacity: 1,200kg (Depends on actual roof construction and load bearing capacity.)

Packaging Information

Unit Unit Size Unit Weight
Tube 18cmx18cmx72cm 3.75kg

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