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The PaveDrain system is specially developed for paving drainage of surface water. Not required with the PavePad System.

In recent years, many have experienced water in basements, residential areas and retail spaces due to increased amounts of rainfall and an undersized sewer system. PaveDrain ensures optimized SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) drainage of surface water from walkways directly into the ground thereby reducing the pressure on the sewage system.

The PaveDrain is available in two different sizes for effective slab drainage, the PaveDrain 20/35 and PaveDrain 20/46, depending on the size of the desired gap between the tiles.

The PaveDrain is placed between the paving stones, creating a gap for the drainage of the area. The gap can be loaded with granite chippings, sand, gravel, pebbles or reinforced with grass, where surface water can drain through.

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